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    Painting Ideas Inspiration Secrets Designers Follow

    Colours in painting ideas are the most crucial element of a good home interior design and decor. Since colours in painting ideas are associated with moods and emotions so it is never easy to curate a perfect colour palette matching your house painting ideas and wall painting ideas. All house painting ideas incorporated into a home design reflect the psychology and emotions of the person living in the family. As your paint ideas show your association with colours so it is your responsibility to reflect the right personality of your house in your house painting ideas without trading on its aesthetics.

    If you are new to the trade and your wall painting ideas and house painting ideas are limited to just natural pigments even till today, you need more diverse paint ideas and colour inspirations. To help you pick designers-like painting ideas, here a few secretes used by designers are shared to create and pick the perfect in-trend wall painting ideas and colours combinations. 

    1. Use the colour wheel

    This is the very first step of picking painting ideas that each designer and homeowner should follow to get the right colour combination every time. A simple looking colour wheel can provide so vast range of painting ideas that it is possible to create over 16 million possible hexadecimal colour combinations and paint ideas. So, you have endless colour choices and wall painting ideas and picking just a few colours matching your interior paint ideas is a little excruciating in such a case. So, it is better to stick to basics and incorporate a maximum of three or four colours in your painting ideas. Because there is no point in choosing the entire rainbow look and disturbing the feel of the home. Avoid colour variations in excess as it will help you keep your painting ideas look clean, subtle and perfect. As we understand that all this is going to be overwhelming for you, so you can always ask our experts for help and suggestions to create a stunning colour palette realizing your paint ideas.


    2. Ask nature to help you

    What can be better inspiration than nature and its beauty for interior paint ideas? The scenic beauty around you at the present point of time can help you big time selecting a perfect colour combination and paint ideas. Nature has so much to inspire us. Like fruits, birds, flies, animals, amazing landscapes with lush green layers of grass, mountains covered with cottony soft ice, the vast sky in the morning and evening, the rising sun and its sinking sunshine in evening, moon and its cool and cold light, colourful flowers, deep sea, etc. Everything that you see around can become a great source of inspiration for your painting ideas and designs. Nature has so much for us and everything is accessible for free so you can make the best use of it to incorporate a few amazing shades in your painting ideas.


    3. On-the-go colour inspirations

    At times our eyes get stuck on some beautiful and beyond imagination paintings or photographs we see online or anywhere else. As they can be a great example of perfect colour combination and theme and you can take some interior paint ideas from them as well to build a stunning colour palette in very little time.


    4. Understand the colour association and their temperatures

    Every colour signifies a meaning and is associated with certain kinds of emotions. Colours also wear a character and personality which make them look cool, warm, powerful, aggressive, cosy, calm and serene. Before working on wall painting ideas and creating a colour palette, allow yourself to understand what colour has to say individually as it will help in finding appropriate colours matching your taste and personality. The nature and temperature of colours can be your instant colour inspiration for interior paint ideas. It will help you set a mood you love. For example, romantic, cosy, intimate, warm, cheerful, formal, casual, welcoming, peaceful, etc.


    5. Use physical colour swatches

    Sometimes going back to the traditional methods can be very helpful. If a digital wheel confuses you or you just cannot pick any colour combination or wall painting ideas from it, cut a digital wheel away and shift your gears on a physical colour swatch. If you don’t rely upon on-screen shades and tones, as they look different than original shades at times, using this old-fashioned way can be very helpful to fulfil your wall painting ideas.


    6. Borrow inspiration from the internet

    Internet is a very vast space that has humongous pictures and images to reflect when you search for wall painting ideas and colour schemes or any other similar keyword. There you can see a lot of combinations incorporated in wall painting ideas and know-how a particular combination built by a designer or a homeowner is looking after the paint job is done. In fact, the internet will give you a better idea about the right colour combinations, paint types and finish along with some home décor ideas. Plus, there are many online tools available to create your own palette and view it virtually how it is going to look.

    But if you don’t have time, mood and energy to go through such a long process just to pick your colour inspiration from any particular source, do not worry. Call our colour experts to create some amazing colour palettes for you and make a choice from them. Our experts are available online and have years of experience in dealing with colours and every related query. You will get all the satisfactory answers.

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