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With the right shades for your balcony paint, you're creating your own little escape spot

In 2024, decorating our homes is all about creating a place where we feel like we truly belong. We are inclining towards wall paint colours that make our homes feel like safe spots that shield us from the hustle and bustle outside.

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Wall Paint Colours of 2024


Global Earth Tones

In a time when comfort is key, we're drawn to the earthy tones that the world has to offer. This palette gathers the warm, rich colours of Mediterranean clay, African sands, and everything in between to turn any room into a snug retreat.

These colours excel in spaces meant for relaxation and contemplation. They pair beautifully with natural wood and stone, bringing a balanced, grounded feel to living rooms and cosy corners.


Fluid Naturals

These wall paint colours are inspired directly by the calming embrace of nature. Soft greens and blues, from the gentle whisper of sage to the serene depths of sea blue, provide a backdrop for clarity and peace of mind.

These colours bring a part of the external peace of nature into our internal world, harmonizing perfectly with elements like wood, cork, and wool. It’s a palette that not only beautifies but also transforms our homes into sanctuaries of calm, encouraging us to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the simpler, yet profound joys of life.

Green wall paint

Modern Pastels

As we find our calm, there's also a space for the vibrant energy that life offers. These wall paint colours capture this spirit with bold, bright colours that inject optimism and energy into our surroundings. From the electrifying touch of sunshine yellow to the gentle caress of feather pink, these colours bring a modern, playful vibe to any space.

These modern pastels work in harmony with natural materials, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to our homes, reminding us of the wildflowers that thrive in the open fields, untamed and utterly joyful.

We're living in a world that's more connected and, at the same time, more chaotic than ever. The colours that are trending now are like a snapshot of how we're all feeling on the inside. Seeking peace in a busy world? Those soft greens and tranquil blues are for you, bringing a slice of the great outdoors right into your living room. Need a pick-me-up? The lively pastels popping up are like a dose of sunshine, designed to sprinkle a little light-hearted fun into every corner of your home.

Pastel colour paint

These shades are chosen for how they look as well as for how they make us feel. They reflect our longing for quiet in a noisy world, our craving for simplicity in a complicated life, and our desire to smile through the tough times.

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