Handicrafts in Home Décor

Embrace Traditional Elegance : Sri Lankan Handicrafts in Home Décor

Handicraft captures the essence of the land and its people.

Have you ever walked through a home and felt the heart of the culture throbbing through the walls, the furniture, and even the home decor? That's the magic of blending traditional crafts into the living spaces. When we talk about such magic, Sri Lanka is a name that shines brightly. Just think about it - the delicate lacework, the bold masks, the intricate batiks, every piece tells a tale of the island’s rich history. 

Sri Lanka's artistry is as diverse as its landscapes – from the misty mountains to the vibrant coastlines. Often handed down from generation to generation, each handicraft captures the essence of the land and its people.

traditional living room

Why Sri Lankan Handicrafts?

The world of interior design in Sri Lanka offers a palette of vibrant colours, textures, and emotions. Here's why we all are besotted with it:

  • Personal Touch: In the world of machine-made things, having something handmade is special. These handicrafts carry the touch, soul, and spirit of the artisan who crafted them.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Most of these artefacts are created using natural resources, making them a sustainable choice. When you bring a handwoven basket or terracotta pot into your home, you're not just making a style statement, you're giving a nod to Mother Earth.


Sri Lankan Home Decor into Your Home

Living Room Stories

The living room is where guests get the first feel of your home. Let's make it special:

  • Wooden Wonders: A small wooden stool or a side table, carved in Sri Lanka's traditional style, can be both useful and decorative.

  • Masked Beauty: Add a splash of colour with a hand-painted mask symbolic of Sri Lanka’s cultural festivals. Hang it up on a plain wall and watch the room come to life.
Sri lankan bedroom

Dreamy Bedrooms

Your bedroom should feel like an escape. Here's how to add a touch of Sri Lanka to it:

  • Batik Bliss: Replace your usual bedcovers with batik in hues that resonate with the Sri Lankan seas and skies.

  • Lace Dreams: Add some delicate Beeralu lace trims to your curtains, and you have a bedroom that’s a serene getaway.


Kitchen and Dining

Cooking and eating spaces should feel warm. Here's how:

  • Terracotta Tales: Use clay pots for cooking. They make food taste amazing and look earthy and charming on your kitchen shelves.

  • Lacquer Work: Lacquered trays can be a stunning addition to your coffee or dining table. Their glossy finish, combined with traditional motifs, can introduce a touch of Sri Lankan luxury to any space.

  • Woven Wonders: Those hand-woven baskets aren’t just for show. They're great for holding fruits, bread, or even your cutlery.


Bathroom Delights

Yes, even your bathroom can have a touch of tradition:

  • Ceramic Charm: Use handmade ceramic soap dishes or holders. They're simple and beautiful, and bring a touch of art to daily routines.
Artistic bedroom
  • Textile Touch: Handwoven towels or mats can give a fresh, organic feel underfoot.


Outdoors and Balconies

Don't forget your open spaces:

  • Lantern Love: Light up your evenings with traditional Sri Lankan lanterns. They're pretty and give a soft, warm glow.

  • Plant in Pots: Use terracotta or ceramic pots for your plants. They’re earthy and strong, and make your greens look even better.


Little Extras

For those small finishing touches:

  • Cushion Game: Toss in some cushions with Sri Lankan embroidery or prints in your seating areas. They're comfy and tell a story.

  • Wall Hangings: Consider simple wooden carvings or woven pieces. They fill up empty spaces and are great conversation starters.


Tips for Incorporating Handicrafts in Modern Home Decor

Now, if you’re thinking about how to fit these traditional crafts into a modern home, don’t worry! Here are some easy ideas:

Sri lankan Kitchen design
  • Balance is Key: You don't need to fill up a room with many items. Just a few special pieces can do the trick.

  • Play with Colors: If you have a bright, colourful craft piece, put it in a room with softer colours. It’ll stand out more!

  • Use in Different Ways: A handloom fabric can be a tablecloth today and a curtain tomorrow. Be creative!


Sourcing Authentic Crafts

If you want the best handmade items, it’s a good idea to buy directly from the artists. This way, you know it’s genuine, and you help the artist too.


A Home with a Heart

At the end of the day, everyone wants their home to feel special. And what’s more special than adding a touch of Sri Lanka’s beautiful traditions to it? So next time you think of integrating Sri Lankan interior design into your space, remember these lovely handicrafts. They make your homes not just pretty, but also warm and full of stories.

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