Does your study make you feel more chaotic than calm? Tap into the power of revitalising purple.

Give your study a touch of calm with lilac.

Lilac brings a feeling of calmness to your room. Known for its soothing properties, this soft purple shade is a mood-setter, perfect for places where peace and focus are key.


Lilac Study space

Colours like lavender, lilac, or pale plum do more than just please the eye, they have a way of calming the mind. Imagine settling down to work surrounded by these soothing hues, known to reduce stress and even ease headaches. It’s like having a personal relaxation zone right in your home.

Unlike louder, more vibrant colours that might compete for your attention, lilac maintains a low profile, offering a backdrop that encourages concentration without being mundane.

Lilac Colour Ideas for Your Study

When you're creating your lilac study space, it’s all about balance. Pair this pale purple with simple, classic furniture. Think of neat lines and designs that don’t make a fuss. Good storage is key too – a tidy room means a tidy mind.

Adding something you love, like your favourite artwork or a pretty mirror, creates a personal touch. It’s nice to have something special to look at during those mental breaks.

For decor, you can keep things simple. A good desk, a comfy chair, and plenty of shelves or cupboards for all your stuff. Maybe add a nice lamp for when you’re working late. And plants – they’re great for adding a bit of life to the room, and they go really well with lilac.

Lightning with Lilac

One of the best things about lilac is how it works with light. In rooms with lots of natural light, lilac helps to balance things out, making sure the room isn't too bright. It's like the colour puts on sunglasses for your room.

Lilac acts like a natural filter, softening intense sunlight and creating a cooler, more welcoming atmosphere. It’s akin to finding a shady nook on a bright day, offering relief and a chance to recharge.


Get Creative with Accessories

For more  lilac colour ideas in your study, think about accessories. Maybe some lilac cushions for your chair, or a rug that picks up the colour. You could even have lilac stationery to match. It’s about creating a theme that makes your study a place you enjoy spending time in.


Starting Small with Lilac

Not sure about going all-in with lilac? Start with something small – maybe paint one wall or get a lilac throw for your chair. See how it feels. 

Lilac could be the perfect choice to make your study a special place. It’s a colour that brings to mind calm skies and soft flowers. 

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