Kitchen Design with Wild Wonder

Use Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 to Brighten up your kitchen

Wild Wonder™, holds the power to transform your kitchen into a lively, inviting space.

Your kitchen, often termed the heart of your home, deserves a vibrant boost now and then. As the trend moves towards embracing nature in interior design, Dulux’s latest Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder™, offers a refreshing touch of the outdoors.


Wild Wonder™: The Natural Elixir

As we lean more towards a lifestyle intertwined with nature, this cheery yellow-toned beige speaks volumes. Think of fields of golden wheat, swaying under a soft summer breeze. Imagine the warmth of freshly harvested rice, glowing in the evening sun. That's Wild Wonder™ for you. A tone that's both energetic and tranquil, offering a refreshing blend of nature with our contemporary spaces.

There are 4 special palettes curated around this soothing hue. Here’s how you can intertwine Wild Wonder™ and these palettes to make your kitchen feel brand new and cosy.

Wild wonder kitchen

A Palette of Choices: Kitchen Designs and Kitchen Paint Colours


1. Buzz Palette: Sunlit Delights

For those who've marvelled at the sheer beauty of wildflower fields, the Buzz palette captures that essence beautifully. Inspired by meadows, butterflies, and bees, this palette combines Wild Wonder™ with a delightful rich yellow. Consider adding a touch of this vibrant blend to your <a href=“”>kitchen walls or cabinets</a>. The result? A space that radiates joy and vitality.

Which colours?

Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191
Scottish Green 45YY 51/365


2. Raw Palette: Earthy Warmth

If you fancy a kitchen that carries an aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg even when you're not baking, the Raw palette is for you. Incorporating tones reminiscent of dried grasses and harvested crops, this palette combines Wild Wonder™ with deep, rich colours. The outcome: a kitchen that feels as cosy as a snug countryside cottage.

Which colours?

Rosemont Hall 30YR 16/162
Century Brown 80YR 19/177
Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191

maroon kitchen

3. Lush Palette: Forest Whispers

Seeking a serene escape? Let the Lush palette transport your kitchen to the midst of a dense, tranquil forest. Soft greens blended with Wild Wonder™ provide a calming touch. You can also play with these shades to craft a space where every meal feels like a picnic amidst woodland wonders.

Which colours?

Khaki Green 60YY 33/130
Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191


4. Flow Palette: Seashore Serenity

Lastly, for those reminiscing about those long walks along the beach, the Flow palette brings the seaside right to your kitchen. A mix of soft hues think shades of blue, combined with Wild Wonder™, creates a harmonious atmosphere. These shades capture the spirit of the ocean, ensuring your kitchen feels as refreshing as a cool sea breeze.

Which colours?

Bright Skies™ 14BB 55/113
Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191
Faded Denim 10BB 55/065

neutral kitchen

Brightening up the heart of our home with Wild Wonder™ truly makes a difference. It's like letting a little sunlight into the room, no matter the weather outside. Be it the vibrant feel of the Buzz palette, the cosy warmth of the Raw palette, the soothing embrace of the Lush palette, or the breezy charm of the Flow palette; each story is highlighted with Wild Wonder™ at its core. As we wrap up our journey through these palettes, remember that each shade, when combined with Wild Wonder™, holds the power to transform your kitchen into a lively, inviting space.

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