Dreaming of a spa retreat? Create a tranquil haven with textured surfaces and a colour scheme inspired by nature.
Create a spa-style bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis

Create a tranquil haven with earthy tones and textured surfaces.

When creating a bathroom that calms the senses and revitalises the soul, nature is the ultimate source of inspiration. Rich, earthy colours like sunflower yellow, honey limestone, deep burgundy,and olive green will intensify the atmosphere of the room, so these are the perfect hues if you’re working with a large space with good natural light.

If your room is on the small side, don’t think that a spa retreat is out of your reach. Choose cool colours with low reflective value like turquoise, azure blue and aquamarine to soften natural light. Heighten the effect with textured surfaces, like a pebbled floor tile that gently massages the feet or a textured paint that mimics the feel of cool stone.

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