Traditional Children's Bedroom

Incorporating traditional Sri Lankan elements in children's room

Want to give your children's room that warm, traditional touch while keeping it fresh? 

Ever had that moment when you step into a room and just go "Wow"? That’s the magic of good decor. Now, for your children, their room is their own little world. And you know how can you make it dreamy? Giving that world a pinch of age-old Sri Lankan charm. We are talking about the stories their grandparents shared and the patterns they grew up seeing. It’s more than just making the room look nice, it's about connecting it to roots and stories. Want to give your children's room that warm, traditional touch while keeping it fresh? So, let’s journey together into blending the old with the new.


1. Go Wooden

Wood is timeless. Think about using wooden beds, chairs, or tables. This type of furniture feels warm and lasts long. It also looks good with different colours, so you can easily add other decor for bedroom areas.

Kids bedroom design

2. Beautiful Bed Covers

Have you seen those pretty cloth designs with many colours and patterns? That's Batik. It's a way to dye cloth with wax to create unique patterns. Batik bed sheets or curtains can make the room pop with colour. It's like having a piece of art that your child can cosy up with.


3. Paintings and Pictures

Instead of the usual posters, why not hang traditional art? Pictures of old stories, nature, or village scenes can be interesting for children. It's different, and they might even ask questions, leading to fun storytime sessions!


4. Store with Style

Kids, with all their toys and books, need storage. But why stick to the mundane plastic boxes? Consider switching to woven baskets. Materials like rattan or reed have an unmatched aesthetic appeal, offering the room a rustic vibe. 

Childrens room artistic

5. Green Corners

Nothing breathes life into a room quite like plants. Consider using terracotta pots for that touch of earthy authenticity. Children can care for these leafy friends, learning both about nature and nurturing. Opt for aromatic plants, and the room will also be filled with gentle, refreshing fragrances.


6. Soft Lights

The right kind of lighting can transform the ambience of a room. Instead of the glaring, sharp lights, why not opt for lamps emitting a gentle, amber radiance? Lamps crafted from materials like clay or brass don't just provide light, they transport us back to simpler times, making nights feel cosy and enchanting.


7. Masked Marvels

Sri Lankan masks, known for their intricate designs and vibrant colours, are more than just decorative items. They often tell stories of legends and folklore. Consider hanging a child-friendly mask or a series of mini masks on a wall. They can be both a decorative element and a great way to introduce children to Sri Lankan culture and tales.


8. Play with Colours

When picking colours for walls, think of nature. Soft greens, blues, or earthy browns are calming. Dulux has many shades that can make the room feel both traditional and modern. Remember, the key is balance. A bit of old, a bit of new, and loads of love.

Traditional Kids room

9. Pottery and Ceramics

Add small ceramic or clay items, like vases or decorative plates, into the bedroom design. You can even get pottery items that children can paint or decorate themselves, combining a craft activity with bedroom decor. This not only personalizes the space but also provides a connection to Sri Lankan traditional crafts.


10. Simple Decorations

Small touches can make a big difference. Think of hanging wind chimes by the window. Or, placing a soft, handmade rug on the floor. These little things can remind you of the past while looking good at the present.

Stepping into a room and feeling a burst of memories and warmth isn't just about the colours or furniture. It’s about the stories, the history, and the love we put into every corner. By blending in those timeless Sri Lankan touches, we’re not just designing a space, we’re crafting an experience. An experience where our children can grow, dream, and connect with their roots. Remember: It's these small, traditional touches that can turn a regular room into a treasure trove of tales and memories. So, here's to creating spaces that speak, not just look. Cheers to blending the past with the present, and making every corner count!

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