Kitchen in shades of taupe

Quick-fix kitchen ideas that won’t break the bank

Here are our favorite ways to transform your kitchen to create a look you’ll love without spending a fortune.

Paint the walls

Whether you’re having it done or doing it yourself, refreshing your walls is an inexpensive way to stamp your personality on your kitchen, with immediate results.

Transform a bland white space into a cozy family hub with shades of taupe or liven it up with energizing brights. For a tough and durable transformation that will last, use our grease and stain resistant kitchen paint.

Which colors?

F0.25.60 / 20YY 38/225
E8.12.31 / 30YY 11/076
FN.01.85 / 40YY 83/021

Paint the cabinetry

Painted kitchen cabinets

A coat of cabinet paint will instantly revive a tired kitchen and give you a durable, hardwearing finish.

Warm neutral colors are a calming, versatile choice, while silvery greys will add a contemporary feel to the room.

Which colors?

F9.11.75 / 45YY 67/120
F2.05.65 / 20YY 43/083

Top tip: Swapping out old drawer and cupboard handles is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your kitchen a designer-style boost on a budget. For a timeless look, consider classic hardware such as brass or brushed nickel handles. They’re a great way to add a touch of class and will complement just about any color scheme.

Paint inside the cupboards

Paint inside kitchen cupboards

A bright pop of color inside cupboards is guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you reach inside. Or better still, remove overhead cupboard doors to create open, colorful shelving for a cheerful feel.

Which colors?

C8.10.70 / 50YR 53/160
F6.42.60 / 50YY 42/490
E8.03.85 / 10YY 83/075

Paint window or doorframes

Painting wooden door and window frames in kitchen

If you’re nervous about choosing a bold color for your walls, play with the woodwork instead. Invigorating greens will add a sophisticated feel to your scheme, and create the illusion of space if the rest of the walls are lighter shades.

For best results, use satin paint and take a look at our simple steps to get your frames looking fabulous.

Which colors?

L0.50.30 / 84GY 13/321
H6.05.78 / 16GY 66/078
H2.44.74 / 90YY 55/560

Complete your kitchen transformation with some fun accessories. Bright and colorful crockery, appliances and pendant lighting will add interest and depth to the room. 

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