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Why it is Said that Interior Design is Incomplete without Paint Colours?

How Paint Colours Add Flush and Blood to any Interior Design and Home Décor?

What creates a perfect interior design and home décor? Is it just the paint, furniture, décor, or something else? The interior designers have their own ideas for making a perfect interior design and home décor. Before the décor, it’s the wall colours which sets a feel and give canvas to all the art pieces and accessories you position to adorn your house. So here are a few shades from subtle to bold, beautiful to dramatic, you can refer to bringing a great vibe into your house. 

Paint colour to add to interior design and home décor 

1. Light Grey and Pink
This is a very decent and elegant combination that gives you the free scope of playing with the accessories and home décor. It can be incorporated into any furnishing if your room is already stuffed with all the room furniture and décor. This is because the dull effect of grey let pink brighten up the space. To add more softness and cuteness to the interior design, you can finish your touch with the same colour lights. 

2. Navy Blue and White
This is one of the best classic combinations that bring peace along with tranquillity and make your space look attractive and subtle. With this combination, you can not only play with masculine blue as a monochromatic colour with white furniture and furnishing but also blue as a canvas for the entire home décor setting.   

3. Coral and Warm White
If you want your room to look warm yet relaxed, splash coral with warm white. The clean, fresh, and bright look of coral creates a fantastic vibe without being bland with white. The breathing and breezing pink make your room look feminine and pretty and white adds more grace and elegance to it. 

You can groom this combination with the tints of a few other colours such as lavender, mint green, and pale lemon.

4. Grey and White
Light colours in the bedroom not only enhance a space but also let the natural light shine through. Grey with white ties everything together without making your room look bland. And for the peaceful and relaxed sleep also, this is one of the best combinations. 

5. Red and White
If these two colours are put together and done right, it will be going to make your room look not only big but beautiful too. On the one hand, red gives a vibrant feel, on the other white makes it look calm and relaxing.

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