Must have basic elements of home interior design for any kind of home space

Must have basic elements of home interior design for any kind of home space 

At times to be amazingly creative, we may have to go back to basics. When it comes to interior design the principle of coming up with unique home interior design ideas often revolve around the basic elements we are about to discuss further.



Colours cannot only transform the visual appeal of your interior design but also influence the feel and energy of the entire house. Depending on the home space and your personal choice you can paint your walls in bold, warm, cool, cosy, or intense colours.  


Lines and patterns 

Irrespective of the shape and pattern, lines in the home interior design define any space and make it attention absorbing. If you consider the very beginning of the drawing, first we outline to define the shape. Apply the same while creating any kind of line patterns (dynamic, vertical or horizontal) you like to draw. To your surprise lines also have their meaning when drawing on walls. For example, dynamic lines signify fun and excitement, vertical lines express boldness and horizontal lines bring the feeling of security. So, you can create the pattern to break the pattern or vice-versa.



Shapes and forms can be used to express countering the objects you want to highlight in an interior design in any kind of living space or office. They can be of two types: organic (artwork, sculptures, etc.) and geometric (triangles, squares, sharp lines, etc.). If you want any form, frame, shape, artwork, figurine, furniture or any other décor object to get the first attention put it before the textured/accent wall or at the wall where you want to shift all the focus. 



Textured surfaces are different from simple and plain patterns created using colours. The texture is something that can be felt when touched: like sand swirl, popcorn, splatter knockdown, vintage, skip towel, hawk and trowel, weathered, slap brush, etc. And also, they make your wall look rich and unique.



Bad lights can completely spoil the look and feel of your house and affect everyone’s perception. So, irrespective of the source of the light, make sure that you have enough and coordinated lighting as it is an integral part of any space. Be careful while choosing lights and keep factors like colour, intensity, and reflection of light in mind. 



Every home design interior revolves around the space as virtually every decision is space centric only. Before adding anything new to the space be it 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, it is necessary to leave few free spaces to allow fluid and easy functioning.