Sapphire blue is said to have many mystical properties. Give your home a rich look with a touch of this dazzling hue.

Give your home a rich look with a touch of sapphire blue.

The second-hardest gemstone after diamond, sapphire is also known as the ‘stone of wisdom’, and is believed by some to have powerful healing qualities. In ancient Persia, sapphires were ground up and used as an all-purpose medicine, while Ivan the Terrible of Russia once declared that sapphires strengthened the heart and endowed a person with courage.

Blue sapphire gemstones come in many shades, from pale and ethereal blue to rich violet but today, the  colour sapphire generally refers to a velvety cornflower blue that looks fabulous in almost every interior space.

Sapphire Blue Colour Combination

Sapphire blue is amazing because it mixes so well with other colours. You can pair it with white – it's like adding a cool blue of the Mediterranean Sea to your room. It's fresh and clean, perfect for making spaces feel more open and airy.

Sapphire blue can also be beautifully paired with other jewel-like colours, such as emerald green, bright turquoise, or shiny topaz. It’s like having a rainbow of rich, deep colours in your home, making it feel lively and full of energy.


Sapphire Blue Home Paint Ideas

For adding sapphire blue to your home, you don't have to paint all your walls blue. Start with something small – a blue cushion on your sofa, maybe a blue vase or a picture frame. How about painting one wall in sapphire blue? It can become the star of the room, drawing everyone's eyes. This colour works really well in places where you relax, like bedrooms, because it can help you feel calm. But it's also great in living rooms, where it adds a nice, friendly touch.

The Feel-Good Factors of Sapphire Blue

Makes you feel good: It’s calm and steady, kind of like looking up at the night sky. Having this colour around your home can make it feel more peaceful and relaxing.

Sapphire Blue for Every Style: What’s great about sapphire blue is that it fits in with any style. Whether your home looks modern or a bit more classic, this colour can blend in perfectly. It's fun to experiment with it and see how it changes the look of your home.

Always in Fashion: Sapphire blue doesn't go out of style. It’s like those blue jeans that always look good, no matter what. It's a smart choice if you want your home to look great for years.

Starting with Sapphire Blue

Want to try sapphire blue home paint ideas? No need to rush. Begin with a small thing, like a throw pillow or a painting in blue. Let the colour grow in your home and see how it feels. You might find yourself wanting more of it as time goes on.

Sapphire blue colour combinations might be just the thing to make your home feel special. It brings your mind to big, open skies and deep oceans. Give it a try – it could be the fresh touch your room needs. 

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