Use Heart Wood in your kitchen

4 ways to colour your kitchen with Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

New ways to colour your with Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Looking for the latest colour trends for your kitchen? The colour specialists at our Global Aesthetic Centre have unveiled a selection of complementary palettes to pair with Heart Wood – Dulux Colour of the Year 2018. With the warmth of Heart Wood at the core of each, discover which of these styles is right for your kitchen.

1. The soothing kitchen

When applied to your kitchen walls, the new Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 creates a comforting, welcoming feeling. For a colour combination that radiates warmth, try mixing Heart Wood with lighter shades of clay and darker chestnut and cocoa.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
D2.11.43 / 60YR 20/117
C9.06.21 / 50YR 08/038

2. The indulgent kitchen

Pair Heart Wood with warm tones in your kitchen
Kitchen in warm colours

Add a rich, luxurious feel to your kitchen by combining Heart Wood with colours such as blush and soft latte. This colour scheme is perfect for pairing with indulgent fabrics and metallic accessories and the result feels like a warm embrace.

Expert tip:

Try using two paint colours to create a two-toned wall. Use the lighter colour above for a modern feel.

Here’s how to create a two-tone wall [INSERT VIDEO LINK]

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
C0.23.18 / 13YR 07/157
B7.10.59 / 10YR 37/143

3. The creative kitchen

Use energetic colours like green with Heart Wood in your kitchen
Heart Wood kitchen with green

Is there an experimental chef in your family? Use an exciting wall colour palette to inspire them. We recommend applying moss green as a contrast to the pink hue of Heart Wood, Dulux Colour of the Year 2018. Don’t forget to include the unexpected – a touch of colour to unexpected areas, such as the underside of a table or countertop.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
F8.07.83 / 45YY 75/110
M4.28.19 / 07GG 07/143
G5.19.40 / 70YY 18/152

4. The communal kitchen

Paint your kitchen with Heart Wood and pastel shades
Kitchen in pastel shades

Make the latest colour trends your own by pairing pastels with Heart Wood. A stylish two-tone wall in sky blue and cream can be echoed on other surfaces, such as the trim and sides of this kitchen island, while a deep blue accent keeps everything grounded. The result is a soothing, airy kitchen, perfect for enjoying with even the busiest family.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
F6.06.69 / 40YY 51/084
S2.07.58 / 90BG 35/068
T3.04.12 / 30BB 05/022

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