Newly painted walls always look great from a distance but is the work up to acceptable quality?
How to check your wall painting job

How to check your wall painting job

Not sure if your wall painting job is up to acceptable quality? These simple tips will shed some light.

  1. If the painter was responsible for surface preparation of the walls, it’s important to ensure they’re smooth once the job is completed. Make sure there’s plenty of light but don’t just trust your eyes. Run your hand along the walls to check for imperfections.

  2. If you see unstable cutting-in lines, drips and brush marks or evidence of spilled paint or splatters, talk to your painter immediately about your concerns.

  3. Is the finish even and stroke -free? A flawless finish is harder to achieve with darker colours but an experienced painter should have no problems.

  4. A good painter will always clean up after themselves.

  5. Not happy with the end result? It’s important that you trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns with your painter.

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