Dark neutrals are perfect for big rooms with lots of natural light, but also for small rooms used mainly in the evening with warm artificial light.
Clever tricks with dark neutrals

Clever tricks with dark neutrals

Why deep neutral hues work well in large and small spaces.

Inject warmth into a large room

Dark neutrals are perfect for big rooms with lots of natural light, especially if they are south facing. You’ll find that a dark hue adds richness and depth to spaces where strong light appears to bleach weak colours.

In this large bedroom, golden yellowish-brown walls look luxurious and elegant, creating a wonderfully warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Small is beautiful

If your room is slightly on the small side, the temptation is to paint it a light colour to make it feel larger. But ask yourself what you will use the room for. If you mainly use it in the evenings to relax in, you’ll find that painting it in a dark neutral and adding soft lighting creates an impressive and intense mood.

Finishing touches

If you’re decorating a small room in a dark neutral, another way to make it appear larger is to paint all trim, such as cornices and skirting boards, in the same colour as the walls. By doing this you avoid contrast, making the space appear seamless and unified.

But if the room is large, like this bedroom, you might want to contrast dark neutral walls with fresh white on all the trim for a truly elegant look.

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