Modern bedroom in Tranquil Dawn

Transform your bedroom with the new 2020 palettes

Discover how to create different moods in your bedroom with Colour of the Year 2020 palettes

Ready to breathe life into your bedroom? We’ll show you how with Tranquil Dawn, Dulux Colour of the Year 2020. Many of us are taking a more human approach to life, work and play, seeking spaces that reflect who we are. The bedroom is a special place to reset away from the world, so let us help you transform your room with a mood to suit you.

1. Bring nature in with Tranquil Dawn

Go simple and seamless with one block color. Conjure up the colors of a crisp spring morning with Tranquil Dawn. Its pastel shade creates a soft, nurturing space. Painting your walls and window panels entirely in one tone gives a comforting cocoon result.

Bring the natural, fresh look together with a lush green plant. Add pops of color with blush pink cushions and complement Tranquil Dawn with sea blue linen to mimic a seaside escape.

Which colors?

 J5.03.71 45GY 55/052

2. Delight the senses with a bright bedroom

Bright bedroom in Play palette

Energize your space with bright pinks and oranges. Mask off a mini-feature in a similar tone for added interest. Paint your headboard in a burnt orange for standout furniture.

Make the most of that first light with Tranquil Dawn against the window. Its gentle and muted shade will give a beautiful airy effect, so you can really appreciate the start of every day.

Use bold shapes with retro accessories and graphic textiles for a trendy edge.

Which colors?

J5.03.71 45GY 55/052
C9.21.58 50YR 36/263
B7.06.78 10YR 67/100
C6.49.48 34YR 23/583

3. Strip back with simple tones for a minimal bedroom

Minimal bedroom in Meaning palette

Achieve a calming atmosphere for careful thought. Use deep purples and blues for a sophisticated look. Why not try the split effect  and give your room depth?

Layer your bedding with similar tones to create a sense of flow and introduce drama with a candle. Decorate sparingly for a clear space to contemplate and put your thoughts into perspective.

Which colors?

J5.03.71 45GY 55/052
T3.04.12 30BB 05/022
CN.02.38 22YR 17/023

4. Express your creativity with a rich autumn bedroom

Autumn bedroom in Creativity palette

Color your walls in a sumptuous olive green, its rich hue is great for immersive tone-on-tone styling. Add a sense of height with an opulent dusky pink across the top third of your walls.

Express yourself by telling a story with your belongings. Paint your window sides in Tranquil Dawn for a bright and airy canvas to showcase treasured art or postcards.

Get that feeling of luxury through different textures. Combine velvet, linen and cotton for a comfortable setting to explore and create.

Which colors?

J5.03.71 45GY 55/052
B5.05.52 10YR 28/072
F1.35.35 20YY 15/245

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