Using different textures in a neutral room creates sophisticated depth.

Add depth to a neutral colour scheme with texture.

In today's interior design world, a neutral colour scheme is a popular choice, but it can often feel bland and uninspiring without the right touches. The solution? Let texture take centre stage.

When decorating with neutrals, the texture of your furnishings becomes even more important. Layering different textures in your living room or bedroom can add depth and create a cosy, sophisticated atmosphere. From soft woollen throws to velvet curtains and lace bed linen, the possibilities for adding texture are endless.

living room

To further enhance the visual interest of your neutral colour scheme, try using paint with a special finish. A soft sheen or super-shiny high-gloss paint can be used to highlight design features or create a feature wall, bringing an extra dimension to your living space.

Lastly, lighting can also play a big role in adding texture. Incorporate lighting fixtures with unique shapes or finishes like a hammered metal pendant or a woven rattan lampshade to add visual interest and texture to your living space.

living room paint

By combining a neutral colour palette with tactile elements and carefully chosen finishes, you can create a welcoming and stylish home that's perfect for relaxing and entertaining. So why not experiment with different textures and finishes to take your living room or bedroom to the next level?

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