If you’re seeking peace and simplicity, why not introduce more white into your decorating scheme?

If you’re seeking purity and peace, try white

Until the 19th century, only a few women could afford a wedding dress made from costly white fabric. But when Queen Victoria wore white silk, satin and lace at her wedding in 1840, she started a more general fashion trend and these days, white is traditionally the first choice for a Western bride.

In many cultures, white (whether it’s worn for weddings or not) is the colour of purity, simplicity and spirituality, which makes it the perfect option for a space in which you want to think, read, relax or simply free your mind from life’s worries.

White shade

For a truly peaceful haven, keep your colour palettes minimal. For a fresh, modern feel, blend bright whites with similarly toned cool neutrals, such as dove grey and velvety limestone, or for a slightly more traditional interior, pair white with smoky warm neutral hues, like sandstone and rich grey.

In your quest for a calm living room, remember that simplicity is key. Keep the colour palette clean and uncluttered, allowing the minimal white to take centre stage. Incorporate natural textures and materials like soft linens, smooth woods, and plush textiles to enhance the tactile experience and create a serene haven.

White wall paint

With a minimal white colour palette, your living room can transform into a tranquil retreat where you can unwind, find inspiration, and recharge your mind and spirit. Embrace the power of white and embark on a journey towards a calm and collected space that reflects your inner peace.

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