Dining area with green walls, black pendant lights and lots of greenery

Create a soothing space with Dulux Colour of the Year

Feeling connected with nature is good for our wellbeing. The Lush palette, with colours inspired by woodland scenes and forest floors, can help us feel part of the world around us and create a familiar, soothing atmosphere in our homes. 

Feeling connected with nature has been shown to have profound and positive effects on our wellbeing. The Lush palette, with its soothing colours inspired by the tones you find in woodlands and forests, can help us feel in touch with the natural world. Bringing an echo of the landscape into our homes, Lush colours are ideal for creating a supportive and restorative space. They also work brilliantly alongside Dulux Colour of the Year, Wild WonderTM, and can create dynamic colour combinations that feel calm and comfortable. 

Try these four decorating ideas to bring Lush colours to life... 

Create a soothing living space

In this light and airy living space, a two-tone split wall in Lush colours creates a warm and tranquil feel. The combination of Wild WonderTM and soft green highlights the proportions of the room while making it feel cosy. Lush colours work perfectly with natural elements, so bring in plenty of greenery to complete the look.   

Which colours?

60YY 33/130 G3.12.56
50YY 49/191 G0.16.68

Split wall using green and straw yellow in a light and airy living room

Be colour-creative in the bedroom


Lush colours might be rooted in nature but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for a grand gesture. Here, an oversized arch, painted in soft green and outlined with a band of Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM, creates a dramatic trompe l’oeil bedhead against a peaty purple wall. 

Which colours?

38RR 15/026 AN.02.35
52GY 24/050 K0.05.47
50YY 49/191 G0.16.68
20GY 46/067 J0.05.65 (ceiling)

Purple walls in a bedroom with a green arch behind the bed

Paint yourself a checkerboard wall


Used in combination, Lush shades are perfect for adding a splash of personality without overpowering a room. Created by painting narrow stripes (in soft lilac and Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM) against a soft green wall, this checkerboard feature adds a playful touch to a child’s room while keeping a sense of tranquillity. 

Which colours?

20GY 46/067 J0.05.65
70RB 50/062 X5.04.69
50YY 49/191 G0.16.68

Kid’s bedroom with a green checkerboard feature wall and light purple opposing walls

Connect a kitchen with colour


Use colour to give each area in an open plan space its own personality while creating a visual connection. Here, soft lilac walls bring a kitchen and dining space together, while Wild WonderTM, used on the back wall adds a positive burst of warmth.

Which colours?

10RB 47/036 VN.02.67
38RR 15/026  AN.02.35
50YY 49/191 G0.16.68

Looking through a doorway into a kitchen, with walls painted in pale lilac and straw yellow
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