Capture the soul of Africa by painting your living room in warm neutrals, and accessorising with natural materials and ethnic artwork.
Capture the soul of Africa

Capture the strength and soul of Africa

Reflect the continent's earthy hues with warm neutrals.

Embrace the essence of Africa

Wild Africa conjures up wonderful images of majestic landscapes, from mountain ranges to open savannah. Capture the magic of Africa’s vast plains by choosing a palette of warm neutral colours inspired by the continent’s natural beauty.

A neutral canvas

Combine different hues of earthy colours, such as golden ochre, rust red and russet brown, which reflect the range of tones in this varied landscape.

Why not try using two or three cooler neutrals on the walls and ceiling as a muted backdrop, and then add warm sienna browns as feature colours? Here, shades of taupe create the perfect backdrop for pieces of ethnic art.

Striking ethnic accents

You’ll find that red and black are perfect accent hues to accessorise this colour scheme. Keep the furniture simple with soft leather sofas, wooden tables and natural fabrics, such as cotton cushions and a sisal floor rug. Then sit back, relax and dream of the African wilderness.

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