Create your own rural idyll with mint green and natural texture

Create your own rural idyll with mint green and natural texture.

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil retreat with the harmonious combination of mint green and deep purple. This captivating colour palette brings a sense of serenity and natural beauty to your space. So, create your own rural idyll by incorporating mint green and deep purple hues, along with natural textures and soothing elements.


Mint Green

Embrace the refreshing charm of mint green, a shade that evokes feelings of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Its soft and delicate appearance brings a sense of serenity to any space. The gentle green tones reminiscent of fresh mint leaves provide a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for your bathroom sanctuary.


Deep Purple Accents

Introduce a touch of elegance and depth to your mint green bathroom with deep purple accents. The rich and mysterious hue of deep purple adds a sense of refinement and peacefulness to the overall design. When strategically incorporated as accents, such as through towels, bath mats, or decorative elements, deep purple complements the mint green backdrop and creates a harmonious balance. The interplay of these two colours enhances the visual interest of the space, creating a captivating and sophisticated ambience.

Purple and mint bathroom

Creating a Dreamy Atmosphere

To achieve a dreamy and serene atmosphere in your bathroom, combine the delicate backdrop of mint green with solid stone elements. Incorporating natural textures, such as stone tiles, countertops, or accessories, adds an earthy and organic feel to the space. The subtle green tones of mint green harmonize beautifully with the earthy textures of stone, creating a seamless connection with the natural world. This combination not only enhances the visual appeal but also fosters a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, transporting you to a rural oasis within your own home.

Striking aubergine bathroom

The Aubergine Accent Wall

Elevate the peacefulness of your mint green bathroom with an aubergine accent wall. The deep purple hue of aubergine complements the mint green backdrop and adds a touch of refinement. By featuring an accent wall in aubergine, you create a focal point that draws attention and adds depth to the overall design. The contrasting colours of mint green and aubergine create a visually striking effect, while the calming qualities of mint green balance the richness of aubergine, resulting in a harmonious and sophisticated space.

By combining the softness of mint green with the richness of deep purple, you can create a bathroom that exudes tranquillity and charm. The mint green backdrop provides a serene foundation, while the deep purple accents and aubergine accent wall add depth and refinement. Embrace the beauty of this colour combination and bring a rural idyll into your bathroom, where relaxation and rejuvenation await. With natural textures and soothing elements, your mint green and deep purple bathroom will become a serene oasis, offering a retreat from the outside world.

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