Create a bold feature wall to add interest to your living room.

Make your living room pop with red.

Want to make your living room pop? Adding a red colour scheme can give you a space that’s vibrant and full of energy. Let’s see how a dash of red can transform your living room into a dynamic and inviting space.

Red Living Room Combination

Consider one wall in your living room painted a bright coral red. A feature wall that catches your eye as soon as you enter the room. It makes the room feel deeper and more interesting. A red living room combination like this is perfect for adding energy and life to your space.
In this red living room, having one red wall against white shelves would look really cool. The bright red makes the white look even cleaner and sharper. This colour match is great for homes where you want a splash of colour but nothing too crazy.

Mixing Red with Different Textures

Red in your living room can be even more fun with different textures. Think about a red velvet pillow, a soft rug, or shiny red decor pieces. These textures make the red stand out more and give your room a cosy, inviting feeling.

Furniture That Goes Well with Red

When you have a red living room combination, picking the right furniture is important. Neutral colours like grey or black are a good choice. They go well with red and keep the room looking balanced and stylish.

Red Under Different Lights

The lighting in your room can really change how your red feature wall in the living room looks. In the daytime, natural light can make the red look bright and happy. At night, warm lights can make the room feel cosy and snug.

Red Touches Here and There

If you're not ready for a big red wall, try adding small red touches. Things like red pillows, curtains, or a piece of art can bring some red into your room without it being too much.
red combination for living room

Keep Your Red Living Room Fresh

Remember, with red, it's easy to go overboard. Try to balance the red with lighter colours. This keeps your room feeling lively but also relaxed and comfy.

Adding red to your living room is a great way to make it more lively and warm. It's a colour full of energy, perfect for a space where you hang out and have fun. With a good mix of red, other colours, and textures, your living room can be a place everyone loves to be in.

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