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Types and Advantages of Waterproofing

Why Waterproofing Paint’s Treatment is Necessary for the House Structure and Walls?

Each corner and every surface of the house should be waterproof to make sure that it stays dry. Otherwise, it will create not only structural damage to the building but also human health hazards. So, the application of waterproofing paint becomes a must. But if you are concerned with waterproofing paint price in Sri Lanka, just don’t worry. As Dulux offers exceptional quality products to take care of your house’s waterproofing needs. So now that your problems pf waterproofing paint price in Sri Lanka have been addressed, let’s have a look at why waterproofing paint is needed and what are the types of waterproofing and are their advantages. 

Waterproofing of a house is essential so each area from the basement to the roof of the house must be kept dry. Water intrusion may lead to many types of damage to the building surface and structure such as mold, insect infestation, and building failures too. So waterproofing before and after the construction stage becomes necessary to avoid these problems. 

What is waterproofing?
Waterproofing is a method employed to prevent water penetration into your house and hence keep your house dry. It also helps protect the interior and other wooden objects positioned in your house as well as reduce humidity inside the house. Plus, it is necessary for the veracity of the building’s structure. So just avoid focusing on the waterproofing paint price in Sri Lanka, instead focus on its need.

Depending on your building’s needs considering all internal and external factors, a waterproofing system can be installed indoors or outdoors. And you can do it by yourself if you don’t want to loose some money as it’s easy to do. 

Advantages of waterproofing:

  1. Saves from human hazards: Waterproofing paint and waterproofing solutions keep your house dry hence saving you from multiple health hazards that may crop up due to wet and moist surfaces of the house. So just don’t worry about the waterproofing paint price in Sri Lanka. Rather it is important to save your life first.
  2. Increases life of the building: A waterproofing solution protects the external surface as well as the concrete of the structure. And also protects the steel from corrosion at joints. So, avoid problems such as mold and disintegration of the structure.
  3. Make it look clean and beautiful for longer periods of time: A waterproofed paint ensures that there is no water seepage and intrusion to the concrete and that the paint layer stays intact to the surface. Hence, it saves the house walls from damping and shredding off and makes them look attractive and beautiful. 
  4. Increases Property Value: Since the building structure is protected well and can stay for years and years, and also it looks beautiful, it is natural that you will get good appreciation on your property’s value.
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