Modern living room in Tranquil Dawn

Four new ways to transform your living room

The latest color palettes to renew your living room with Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

Is your living room ready for a revamp? We’ll show you how to set the moods of the moment with our four inspiring new color palettes. With increasingly digitalized lives and busier schedules we have a growing desire to take a step back and contemplate what makes us human. Tap into what makes you who you are with palettes that create a home for Care, Play, Meaning or Creativity.

1. The soothing modern living room

Tranquil Dawn is at the heart of this sophisticated room, with an air of understated luxury.

Its soft pastel shade gives a calm, flowing background to help you slow down and take better care of yourself and your environment. For a modern take on a period feature, paint a high horizontal stripe in a warm sandy tone with a hint of spice.

Decorate with linear metallic accessories – black metals and angular lamp stands will give a sleek look. Add textured cushions and blankets for comfort and finish with a matching rug to tie all the colors together.

Which colors?

J5.03.71 / 45GY 55/052
F8.12.71 / 45YY 53/151

2. The joyful bright living room

Bright living room in stripes

Bring in positivity with vibrant tones reminiscent of childhood wonder. Multicolored stripes are stylishly disruptive. See how easy it is to paint your own stripes here. Use pink and yellow in the highest stripes for a rising sense of lighthearted playfulness.

Paint Tranquil Dawn in the biggest block at the bottom of your wall to balance the intensity of the pink and yellow. Add fun pops of vivid color with ottomans in pink and blue. Accessorize with a mustard rug that matches the tone on your wall to unify your décor.

Which colors?

J5.03.71 / 45GY 55/052
C9.21.58 / 50YR 36/263
F9.44.69 / 50YY 51/519

3. The calming minimal living room

Minimal living room in taupe

Create a peaceful space to relax and reflect. A gentle taupe is the perfect background to enjoy mellow evenings. Complement with a smooth chocolate shade on smaller wall spaces for contrast.

Stick to the essentials and decorate with unfussy accessories in natural wood and stone textures, for a serene minimal living room.

Natural and artificial light can change the way colors appear and the mood they set. Want a top tip for picking shades

Which colors?

CN.02.38 / 22YR 17/023
EN.02.78 / 00YY 63/024

4. The expressive autumn living room

Autumn living room in dark green

Rediscover what’s important in life, bring friends and loved ones together in a welcoming home. A rich olive green reflects deep autumnal hues for a warm and inviting background to lively gatherings. Pair with a bold navy for added drama.

Accentuate the earthy theme with wooden furniture and woven pieces. Express your personality with holiday treasures and handcrafted accessories for interesting talking points.

Which colors?

E2.04.21 / 91YR 08/025
U0.10.20 / 46BB 08/059

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