Paint your living room in Heart Wood
Living room in Heart Wood

4 ways to change up your living room with Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Four new colour palettes to try in your living room with Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Does your living room need a revamp? Our trend colours for 2018 may offer the solution. Heart Wood has been chosen as the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2018 – and our colour experts have selected a range of colours to pair it with. From the snug feel created by rich tones to the energy of contrasting bolds, each colour scheme has Heart Wood at its core. Which one will suit the hub of your home?

1. The welcoming living room

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 and its complementary colours create a reassuring mood in your living room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try some unexpected design ideas. In this living room, a graphic neutral oval broken across two walls adds an eye-catching feature, that’s softened by its organic shape.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
BN.02.82 / 10YR 73/038
B1.08.37 / 90RR 16/095
YN.02.45 / 30RR 22/031
C9.06.21 / 50YR 08/038

2. The snug living room

Use earthy tones with Heart Wood for a snug living room
Snug living room in earthy tones

A darker trim of paint applied to the top of the wall, creates a living room with a sense of sanctuary and warmth. This colour combination mixes earthy tones that work well with natural woods and greenery and creates a wonderful cosy atmosphere.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
C0.23.18 / 13YR 07/157
E0.03.72 / 90YR 55/051
E5.37.44 / 00YY 21/321

3. The dynamic living room

Pair Heart Wood with contrasting tones for a dynamic living room
Dynamic living room

The strong vertical lines of contrasting tones in this energetic colour scheme help make the room feel larger. Painting the ceiling and one main wall in the same neutral tone create a sense of space and contrasts with the bolder tones. The overall feel is one of vibrancy and energy.

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
G5.19.40 / 70YY 18/152

4. The family living room

Use blue with Heart Wood for a family living room
Blue and Heart Wood living room

Combining cool blue tones with the warm pink hue of Heart Wood strikes the perfect balance between a fresh and cosy look. This is the ideal palette for large, busy families that need an easy, welcoming feel for their living room. Great tip: for a modern take on a two-tone wall, create a colour break near the ceiling.your

Which paints?
COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072
S2.07.58 / 90BG 35/068

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