Wall art painting you want your house to own

Wall art painting you want your house to own

If you want your accent wall to look beautiful and unique, don’t just add a pop of colours to it. Rather use it as a canvas for wall art painting or amazing wall painting ideas. If you want to have something different from what you have seen before and can work as an amazing piece of art, wall art painting is one such thing you must try. If you are falling short of ideas, here are few wall painting ideas you can choose from:


Texture Walls

Painting walls in a different colour is not what we call wall painting ideas. To doll up your wall you just don’t have to paint one different colour on the accent wall but to give it a texture too so that it can stand out. Textured walls painted in either dark or light shades won’t look outstanding until you give it a texture (muted, subtle, bold, warm, rich or any other) it demands.


Polka Dots Walls

If your wall art painting idea is inspired by a playful and cheerful mood, go for small polka dots on your accent wall in a single colour. If you want to make your wall look a little bold and colourful, keep the dots large in different shades. 


Ombre Walls

If you love something like a waterfall, sunrise, animal fur, etc., have an ombre wall. The gradient colours this pattern adds enhances the reflection and beauty of the accent wall that is why this effect has earned such popularity and still enjoying it.


Patterned Walls 

If you are looking for an idea that can look amazing without any difficulty to achieve, have patterned walls. It looks difficult to get the design and patterns like herringbone or chevron right but trust us it is done quite easily with a choice to choose as many colours as you want.


Watercolour Walls

To transform your accent wall into a piece of art and invite conversations, go on with a watercolour design. Because it is not unique and trendy but also reflects a more soothing and subtle effect.


Walls Solid Color Block

The wall which has a different tone than the rest of the walls is already your accent wall and point of attraction. But to enhance the beauty of the accent wall, paint one or two bold blocks of colour in the middle of the wall with some tangential/dimensional angles to create an accent on the accent. 


Chalkboard Wall

This contemporary wall painting idea is very much popular among people who love to have a unique and nontraditional taste in wall painting. If you choose chalkboard paint to create your accent wall, you are at liberty to give your wall a new look as many times as you want with different chalk drawings.

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